The African Union has made major attempts to bring nations together to forge a common agenda for the development of our continent. Africa faces many economic, social and political challenges and the African Union is trying hard to bring the African States together to share their synergies and potential in an effort to support one another and develop linkages that will empower the people of Africa.

However this requires a multifaceted approach and engagement, and state corporations, institutions and agencies have a critical role to play in the implementation of policies and programs that will realize the development. Parastatal Africa magazine realizes that to achieve the goal of one common market, each state needs to enhance its capacity and the involvement of state corporations or parastatals is pivotal.


Parastatal Africa is a media platform that enables African state corporations to share development projects and experiences both through the printed, TV and the internet editions covering the news, projects, features, events, pictorials, products and services, among others. Parastatal Africa is published by Musline Communications Ltd (MCL), A Kenyan Company with deep regional and African experience founded in 1997. The directors have a combined sixteen years of publishing experience locally and internationally. Most of our staff have wide experience in communication skills drawn from across Africa, hence the deep affinity for Africa and support for Africa’s development journey in the true spirit of Africa as envisioned by our founding fathers and mothers.

Parastatal Africa is keen on bridging the communication challenges that have existed between the public and state corporations and help to seek a common ground where government, state corporations and the various publics can share and work together with the aim of transforming our continent.


To be the leading and most reliable avenue for Africa’s parastatals (state corporations) to connect with the public in service delivery.



To produce high quality monthly magazine (Parastatal Africa), print and online and circulate it to the whole continent.
To positively educate the public on the role of African state corporations.
To encourage participation from parastatals and in exchange of opinions and ideas.
To develop forums, promote debates and discussions on issues relevant to parastatals and the people of Africa.




Parastatal Africa currently prints 30,000 copies of magazine on monthly basis. 40% of the print order i.e. 12,000 is distributed within Kenya and the rest 60% or 18,000 are distributed to the rest of Africa. Currently we have pilot offices in Uganda, Tanzania, Botswana, South Africa and Nigeria. However, in Kenya the Parastatal Africa magazine is distributed to the national government structure within the cabinet, PS’s heads of directorates, communication/public relations officers, procurement officers and finance officers. In the parastatals the distribution targets the CEO’s/ Director Generals, Chief Finance Officers, Communications/ Public Relations Officers, Procurement Officers etc within institutions and government agencies we target Directors, Commission Secretaries, Vice Chancellors, Principals and their communications, Procurement and finance officers.

In some of the cases above some of the Human Resources Managers/Officers get copies. In private institutions we target the CEO’s, GMs, Directors and Head of Department especially communications, procurement, finance and HR. apart from the above, we sell copies of our magazine through key vendor outlets and selected supermarkets, malls and shops in key towns and cities.

We estimate returns to be @2.5% or 300 copies. This is because we have a longer sales cycle. We are also at different stages of developing stronger links with key airlines in Africa including Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, South African Airlines, Air Uganda and Emirates in distribution and international presence.



You can also read Parastatal Africa online through our website www.parastatalafrica.com which has a facebook and twitter linkage. We are also networking with DStv to have the e-mag hooked up to their subscribers.



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