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Kenya Tops EA Bloc in Impact Investments

Kenya has become the top regional destination for investors putting money in impact investments that target both social and financial gains, a new study shows. The report, which looked at regional impact investments made between 1998 and 2004,…

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Bidco buys land for expansion

Bidco Oil Refineries Limited has become the fourth company to set up shop around Kenya’s biggest privately funded real estate project by buying 78 acres from Tatu City. Four months ago, Dormans signed up a deal to…

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MITSUMI Distribution Wins African DISTREE Diamond Award

New channel awards series continued at DISTREE Africa 2015. Participating e-tailers and retailers used live electronic voting process to select standout Mitsumi from the Distributor category. MITSUMI Distribution, one of the largest IT, CE and TELCO distributors in Africa, won the DISTREE…

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